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A school with two religions - OUR GOAL!

Aktualisiert: 29. Aug 2019

They stand side by side peacefully in the courtyard of the school: the mosque, the Christian church. The children also learn about the respectful coexistence of religions in Serekunda /Gambia.

Hope more integration and more togetherness. Because the Muslims and the Christians, they have a lot together.

We have to try to move away from it: from a tense to a relaxed relationship, we have to work on it, that has to be normality.

When Muslim children sit next to Christian children, consciously, they know who have another religion, and so I think there will be great relaxation in the long run, when the children grow up and friendships emerge, it is more natural for them to tolerate each other.

Incidentally, religion should be taught separately in Serekunda/ Gambia. For the children of every religion, it was important to first of all make sure of their own roots.

The Muslim children often know more about their religion than the Christian ones.

The religious exchange should happen above all through the respective festivals and rituals.

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