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How can you support us? 

Aktualisiert: 29. Aug 2019

The Founder and Team-Member Bubacarr with some of the schoolkids.

Tahfiz Zaid Bun Saa-Bit - Islamic school - in Serekunda -

This Islamic school with over 100 children just lacks everything. The children count 1 € to learn there. For almost 1 € is already a lot of money. The founder and head of the school has to do everything alone, sometimes someone comes to help - for free. The buildings are ruins, there are no school desks, no teaching materials, no pens, no books, no pens. The principal wish of the headmaster would be a school uniform for all.

Maybe we can all think about it together and support this school, no matter what, whether money or materials. Everything would help!

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