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MoSa - School of Hope
A project that gives hope to the children and their families in Wellingara-Serekunda/ Gambia!

In the future, the "MoSa - School of Hope" will enable children to learn carefree.
The real plan for this is simple; no school fees and a hot meal every day. One thing can certainly be confirmed, the children want to learn, are so curious and hard-working! We already see it in the godchildren.
!!️And it is LAW, that EVERY child has a RIGHT on EDUCATION!!
Unfortunately, this is not supported in many countries, including Gambia.

MoSa -the Gambian helping Hands, want to give the children in Wellingara-Serekunda a chance for a better future!

What are the individual objectives:
*Country and buildings
*School furniture, school boards
*Application for recognition as a state school
*Creating a school garden for science subjects
*Sports field for physical education or leisure

🙏For this we need all the support to be able to realize this project for the benefit of the children!🙏
MoSa - School of Hope
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